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Become ABDM-ready. Get 100% control of your health records

Start by creating your ABHA on WhatsApp

Welcome to the smart way of digitally managing health records 

 Fully Integrated with Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM)

Get started in a jiffy

Create your unique ABHA Address

With ABHA (previously called Health ID), you get a timeline view of your personal health records. ABHA Address tagged medical records enable easy access and sharing with Doctors, Hospitals/Clinics, Diagnostic Labs, TPAs, and Insurers.

You only need your mobile number or Aadhaar.

Link your ABHA Address with DRIEFCASE Health Locker

Choose with whom you want to share your medical records

Update existing medical records with ABHA Address

Our digital health locker is free for lifetime

Store & organize all your medical records at a single place. Share your records with health care providers effortlessly.
Supports records of all formats

Radiology, pathology and laboratory reports

Auto-tagging & Indexing

Locate & retrieve any record in under ten seconds

Upload records via DRIEFCASE Email

Records emailed are automatically uploaded in to your account

Records sent via are automatically uploaded in to your account

One DRIEFCASE account for your entire family’s health records


Building Integrated Digital HealthTech Infrastructure for India

With our unrivaled health-tech expertise in Public Health Record domain, we are building a suite of plug & play ABDM-linked applications for both Health Information Providers & Users.

For Individuals

Store all your medical records at one place with DRIEFCASE Health Locker

For Doctors

Improve your productivity & seamlessly manage patient health ID with DRIEFCASE Connect

Empowering Digital India to manage consent-based health records easily

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